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blue-circle_rob-handAfter 15 years planning web sites and web promotion projects, I still enjoy what I do. As a writer, search marketer, and consultant, I work mostly with small and medium businesses.

I have also directed web development teams and held leadership positions serving companies of all sizes, leading projects for Fortune 500 companies including Merck, Sony, and Novartis.

Marketing Writing

In the late 1990’s I was hired out of grad school by a multimedia company as a “medical writer” for pharmaceutical company websites and digital educational materials. It was an exciting time in the industry – so much of was being invented – and a great industry to work in. Because they are restricted in their advertising options, pharmaceutical companies were investing heavily in content marketing for patients, physicians, and other care-givers, long before the term became popular. I wrote medical quizzes, conceived and scripted animated games, and developed online training products and community websites for medical, patient, and research communities.

Search Marketing

I became interested in SEO and search marketing in 2002. I chased a guy down the hall who dropped a resume off at my office saying he was an SEO Professional. He was the first person I met who called himself that and I wanted to know what he knew. I hired him on the spot. Two months later I let him go because I was so fascinated with the area that I knew more than he did and I was finding a lot of the things he said weren’t true. This is also when I realized that most “SEO guys” don’t know enough about how websites are made, or how scripts are structured. And I realized too that knowing these things, I had a leg up on other SEO experts.

I have also planned and directed websites and promotion campaigns for literally hundreds of small and mid-sized businesses.

Speaking & Workshops

aim-big-room-talk_rob_300-160I have given hundreds of talks, workshops, and seminars. I originated and directed the first six Atlantic Internet Marketing (AIM) Conferences in Halifax and co-Produced two International Marketing Conferences in Montreal.

I have delivered full day Internet Marketing Workshops in five Canadian provinces. My usual workshop topics include:

– Google Marketing Strategies

– Understanding SEO & AdWords

– Advanced SEO Strategies

– Writing for the Web

– Small Business Websites that Rock

– Social Media Content Marketing

– Content Creation Planning

Websites & Strategies

homepage-web-screens-300-160For larger companies or through agencies, I am usually hired as a specialist and role player (SEO, scripting writing, content creation).

But for small and mid-sized businesses, I often am asked to plan and then develop the projects with a team.  I have several trusted companies and contractors I use to build websites and can bring these resources in on projects as needed.

I am not a “website builder”, but I work closely with them everyday and can recommend some if you need them.  I’m also not a graphic designer, though I worked as an art director for a year, and I have a strong sense of what effective design is and isn’t. I am also very tuned to user experiences – and how a websites captures attention and draws the user through to desired goals.

Consulting Approach

Having held many different positions in agencies, I bring the kind of experience and skill that is usually available to larger companies at an affordable ‘independent’ rate.

From search marketing and optimization to content strategy, I help clients to see the possibilities available to them, and then show them how to get there.

Contact me about your next project… or see some case studies here.


“Rob Swick is highly skilled, insightful, and was great to work with. He delivered more than was asked. Not only did he put us on top of the search engines, he even wrote great content for it – something I had never been impressed with even from professional copywriters. I strongly recommend him.
Adam Blechman, Partner


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Send me your web address and contact info and I’ll give you a free rank report showing where you rank for some of the most desirable keywords.

It’s free – just for stopping by!

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